Often times we are in the midst of litigation and our clients ask: “Why isn’t this case over yet?” To them it is clear what the other side is entitled to and what they are not entitled to. So they cannot understand why there is litigation over something that, to them, is black and white….

Recovery from Hurricane Irma may be delayed by a lack of qualified adjusters, as reported recently by The Wall Street Journal.  Property adjusters from around the nation have been dispatched to Texas to address recovery from Hurricane Harvey, leaving a shortage of adjusters to handle Florida claims.  The industry simply does not anticipate 2 significant…

Employers and their workers compensation carriers have been hit with two major blows as a result of a decision from the first District Court of Appeals in Miles v. City of Edgewater Police Department and a decision from the Florida Supreme Court in Castellanos v. Next Door Company. Both of these cases deal with different…

In a recent court decision in the case of Bustamante v. Amber Construction Co. and American Interstate Insurance Co., the First DCA held that mere authorization of a change in physician is not enough to avoid the claimant partaking in the self-help nature of Florida Statute 440.13. Specifically, in this case, the claimant requested a…

Believe it or not, the idea of providing medical and wage benefits to employees who are injured on the job dates back to Sumeria, 2050 B.C.[1] Back then, benefits provided to the injured worker depended on the ruler’s whim and there was little or no recourse for those that felt they were unfairly treated. In…

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